Adrenal Fatigue Management

Stress whether physical, emotional, or mental, is a growing concern on a global scale. Nevertheless, your body has inbuilt defense systems that combat stressors.The defense systems work jointly but when stressors persist, symptoms begin to arise as different systems dysregulate due to exhaustion.

Moreover, when the adrenals dysregulate, the body initiates a process of moving into a simple physiological state known as an adrenal crash, in order to conserve energy for survival. This process is normally; complicated, mediated by adrenal hormones, all body systems enter into a slow down mode in a sequence that starts with parasympathetic system organs, and poses unwanted physiological reactions,

Therefore, adrenal fatigue symptoms begin to appear and keep on multiplying as various body organs progress in a slow down mode.

The goal of adrenal fatigue nutrition is to ensure that the body gets sufficient nutrients elements for quick recovery.

One of the major causes for AF is problems related to nutrition. Stressors interfere with optimum levels of essential body nutrients leading to imbalance.

adrenal fatigue

Several factors that accelerate AF nutrients imbalance include but not limited to:

  • High cortisol levels that suppress digestion
  • Nutritionally empty diets
  • Chronic inflammation increases gut permeability allowing undigested food particles to enter the blood where they become toxic.
  • Microbiome imbalances and dysbiosis in AF hamper smooth digestion and absorption of food.
  • Slowed metabolism in advanced AF.
  • Dysfunction of the immune response leads to frequent infections which drain the body of any remaining nutrients.

Finally, hormonal imbalance affects the production of digestive enzymes and acids.

Proper AF nutrition, is critical in restoring nutrients balance, as well as, resolving related problems that occur due to AF.

However, it’s very important to note that inadequate AF nutrition such as shotgun nutritional recovery programs, improper delivery systems of the nutrients, or even customized nutritional approach.

Maintaining optimal levels of vitamins in the body is essential for speedy recovery of adrenal fatigue. AF vitamins can be obtained either from the diet or supplements. Some vitamins act as coenzymes in a number of metabolic pathways and others facilitate quick recovery of health problems that occur following adrenal dysfunction.

Some of the most useful AF vitamins include;

Vitamin A. This vitamin is useful in preventing premenstrual syndrome, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, diabetes, yeast infections, sinus infections, gastrointestinal ulcers, Crohn’s disease, hay fever.

Other uses include protecting the heart and cardiovascular system, slow aging process, and boost the immune system.

Vitamin B5. This vitamin produces coenzyme A that is used by most adrenal glands hormones for production.

Vitamin C. Benefits of vitamin C in AF include, but not limited to, antioxidant activity, maintenance of healthy bones, muscle, and blood vessels, it helps in preventing and treating the common cold.

Vitamin D. Its Benefits in AF recovery include; enhancing mood and sleep, improving immune response, reducing the risk of heart disease as well as decreasing chances of cancer cell growth.

Others are brain function improvement, decreases inflammation and reduce autoimmunity.

Vitamin E. Benefits of this vitamin in AF are that its acts as an antioxidant and a co-factor in some enzyme systems, alleviates and prevents problems of the heart and blood vessels; including hardening of the arteries, heart attack, chest pain, leg pain due to blocked arteries, and high blood pressure.

Vitamin E is also used to alleviate diabetes and its complications, prevents cancer, problems of the brain as well as the nervous system including Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, Parkinson’s disease, night cramps, and it prevents premenstrual syndrome.

Other uses are, improving physical endurance, increasing energy, reducing muscle damage after exercise, and improving muscle strength, respiratory infections, skin disorders, aging skin, infertility, impotence, chronic fatigue syndrome, peptic ulcers, and to prevent allergies.

Finally, in order for you to benefit maximumly from AF vitamins, it’s very, very important to steer clear from self-medication and instead seek a qualified professional to manage your condition.

Supplements for adrenal fatigue are crucial in meeting the increasing body demands for nutrition. Although AF diet offers an excellent supply of nutrients, taking supplements helps in ensuring the body gets the required amounts necessary for AF recovery, as well as, compensating for nutrients are not available from the diet.

Supplements for adrenal fatigue include the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, and glandulars.

Zinc. its useful in boosting the immune system, treating the common cold and preventing lower respiratory infections. It is also helpful in ulcerative colitis, diabetes, weak bones (osteoporosis), high blood pressure, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ulcers, muscle cramps associated with a liver problem, male infertility, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Magnesium. is useful in the utilization of proteins and enzymes, production of neurotransmitters and hormones (such as cortisol, epinephrine etc), as well as, detoxification.

Probiotics. contains “good bacteria” and yeast which optimize health in your gut. When good bacteria are in low numbers, your gut has high chances of attack by “bad bacteria’. Also, probiotics digest nutrients and detoxify your colon.

Examples of probiotics include Saccharomyces, boulardii, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Adaptogens. benefits are that it improves the body’s ability to endure stress as well as, imbalances in blood sugar. Examples of adaptogens include Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, reishi cordyceps, and mushroom.

Melatonin improves sleep pattern. When combined with magnesium, they work really well for relaxation and sleep.
Adrenal glandulars restore adrenal function for they are rich in mitochondrial support nutrients such as CoQ10, L carnitine, glutathione precursors, B vitamins and amino acids necessary for good adrenal function.

Pregnenolone hormone: It’s a major precursor in many key hormones produced by adrenal glands. It’s contraindicated in hyperthyroidism and should never be taken after 6 pm as it blocks GABA production and can lead to insomnia.

DHEA hormone: it’s a precursor hormone for the production of both stress and sex hormones.

There are many supplements for adrenal fatigue designed to meet the various body needs.

Adrenal fatigue management goal is to optimize the adrenals. Nutrition-related problems are the main cause that accelerates AF condition. Proper nutrition helps you to adapt well to stress, eradicates pressure from your adrenals as well as allowing your body to repair and heal all resulting conditions that are as a result of adrenal fatigue. Some of the essential nutrients that must be maintained at optimum levels in your body include vitamins, minerals, as well as amino acids, and they are all obtainable in diet or supplements.