Medical Translation Approved By GOSB Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

Medical Translation Approved By GOSB Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

With the passage of time, medicine has advanced in many ways and people are still looking forward to more and more advancements to make their lives easier. In the 21st century, when tourism and travel are more convenient and cheaper than before, the medical translation that is approved by GOSB legal translation Abu Dhabi has gained the admiration and become an attraction more than a necessity. However, it sounds very much unusual that two independent things have become proportional, right?

Before going any further, we need to understand how medical translation and travel correlate. Primarily, what we need to know is the purpose of medical translation. Basically, medical translation is just about converting the data and information about a person’s medical history from a specific language to another. In simple words, if a person travels across the globe and has to receive medical treatment, the language barrier does not exist anymore.

Medical translation services approved by GOSB legal translation Abu Dhabi:

The significance of medical translation service is not just restricted to the documentation of drugs or modern medical gadgets. Consultants and professional medical staff also encourage the purpose of the service as it thoroughly helps to communicate with the patients from different countries and origins.

Conversation itself plays an important role in the treatment. The translator precisely converts the medical prescriptions, the history of the patient and all the concerns related to the health and medication of the patient.

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Translating medicinal terminologies for better understanding:

The healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies use unique and distinctive terminologies. All the groups of employees, including the medical assistants and medical code designers, should have an understanding of these complex terminologies in order to distinguish between two similar-looking formulae. This is extremely important to understand as it directly affects the consumers of the product.

Translation of medical terms itself is a challenging task. There are a lot of such complex terms that do not have any alternatives in the English language or any other languages. At this point, the translator must be well aware of the audience. In easy words, Doctors are more likely to use complicated and scientific names; however, the audience outside the profession and industry understands simpler words that are easy to pronounce.

Translation of medical terms reduces the communication gap between the doctor and patient. The result of this ease in conversation is the enhanced treatment. When medical staff and consultants communicate with the patient in the same language, the process for performing the diagnosis simplifies. Translation has significantly improved the treatments wherever it is used.

The translation of medical documents:

Clients who need to get their medical documents translated should be careful and aware when it comes to the selection of the right translator. Here, what must be under consideration is the experience of the translator. A well-experienced translator has relations with the healthcare industry and has vast information about the symbols, phrases and terminologies used by the professionals as well as manufacturers, and are also approved by GOSB legal translation Abu Dhabi.

An ideal translator is usually a native speaker. When it comes to document translation, this is the only source of communication a patient has to have a conversation with the consultant or the doctor. There is no margin for an error. A single mistake might misguide the doctor and the treatment can go wrong. A translator who is a native speaker makes sure there is no error in the translation in terms of spellings, pronunciations, and meaning of every single word.

The translation of medical prescriptions:

When we are talking about prescription translation, the most vital point to discuss here is the dosage and the correct translation of the numerical values.

Wrong translation can either be a human error or systematic error due to a software malfunction; either way, the patient has to bear the consequences of this negligence.

Doctors highly recommend a well translated and several times rechecked translated prescription as the errors not only risk a patient’s health but also risk the career of the doctor. The wrong dosage of any medication has its own side-effects that might not be visible during the treatment; however, the damage and harm can be felt later. Translation of a prescription is a risky task and once done, it must get rechecked for self-satisfaction as well as the reduction of risk.

The Advantages of getting professional medical translation:


Medical staff can get the maximum information about their patients who are not native. Despite the language barrier and difficulty in communication, Doctors, consultants and all the rest of the medical staff can connect better with the patients. This directly affects the relationship of the patient and doctor as not only the treatment but understanding also gets enhanced.

Time management:

It often happens that because of the lack of understanding and communication gap, patients cannot express the health issue correctly and it takes too long for the medical staff and doctors to perform a diagnosis and generate a confirmed report. Since the medical translation has been introduced, the patient’s history and the recent prescriptions along the patient’s statement can help the doctors and medical staff to figure out the disease or injury. It efficiently saves time.


We must have experienced this at least once in our life when doctors ask us to get several tests done. However, most of the time the poor explanation of the patient forces the doctors to ask for the tests and each test costs an amount that can be saved. If the actual condition of the patient is explained perfectly to the doctor, many tests can be avoided. In the end, less money is spent on tests if you have gotten your reports translated.

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