Overview of voice to text transcription service

Overview of voice to text transcription service

Voice to text transcription service is the process whereby conversion of audio recordings into text takes place. It is possible to transcribe digital audio files like wav, mp3, and au, as well as non-digital formats like mini cassettes, VHS, and standard tapes. While “audio transcription” is a broad term, the industry specifies it as the transcription of any audio, with the exception of medical recordings/dictations. 

We provide a quality guarantee based on years of experience and the support of established expertise. Because of the following key reasons, our services stand out from competitors:

  • Our prominent customer has put their trust in us for quality
  • Packages with customized turnaround times
  • Only professional transcriptionists will work on your transcription project
  • Data security is assured.
  • Transcribing experience in a variety of fields

Audio transcription is a broad phrase that includes a variety of subcategories such as digital/non-digital and analog audio transcription, as well as recording kinds like conferences, interviews, meetings, and dictations.

We’ve worked with practically all of the main audio transcription paradigms. Moreover, voice to text transcription service is mainly for the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Urdu
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Farsi and plenty of other languages as well.

The best voice to text transcription service makes it possible to use speech to text on a wide scale, which has applications in everything from business to education.

While there are apps for this, they may not be able to handle high volumes or some of the more sophisticated areas of employment, such as the legal and medical fields.

Transcription services, in effect, takes the place of dictation services which is at its most basic level, provide a third-party platform that frequently employs artificial intelligence for speech recognition. Many professional transcription services, on the other hand, incorporate a manual review procedure to assure the correctness and a high transcribing success rate.

The main goal is to provide a hands-free service that can handle one-on-one dictation as well as natural conversations, such as those from corporate meetings, to produce searchable documentation that can assist raise productivity and improve customer engagement.

There are many more transcribing services available online, but while you might be tempted to compare prices, you should also consider error rates. It’s pointless to pay a charge for a transcription service that is so full of errors that you have to spend even more to have it fully rewritten.

Eventually, the cost, whether the transcription is done by a human or a computer, and the other integrated services are all factors to consider when selecting a transcription service. With the basic knowledge, here are our top picks for a transcribing service learn more.

Best highlighted voice to text transcription service software and best translation tools

voice to text transcription
  1. Scribie

With a variety of plans to choose from, extremely accurate transcription is also possible. Scribie’s transcription services include both manual and automatic options. Speaker monitoring is included with the manual transcribing service, which guarantees 99 percent accuracy and a 36-hour turnaround time.

These charges are for clean recordings; speakers with an accent, a noisy backdrop, or a low audio quality file would incur an additional expense. Therefore, the user just uploads their file, selects a plan, and pays the money, and the text in a Word file is returned within the time frame specified. Further, with their integrated proofreading, they guarantee 99 percent correctness and complete secrecy.

There is also a free automated service for transcribing jobs that are less sensitive and do not require such a high level of accuracy. So, simply upload the audio file and receive a 30-minute turnaround time for clean audio of speakers with an accuracy of 80-95 percent.

  1. Rev

Rev offers a variety of audio and video transcription services, as well as captions, subtitles, and translations for a variety of audio and video formats.

Straightforward transcriptions can be performed in a matter of hours and have a 99 percent accuracy rate. FCC, ADA, and Section 508 appropriate captions and subtitles for videos are also provided as a service.

Rev also offers a foreign subtitles service for video, which is a feature that few other services directly provide.

Rev also stands out since it manages to strike one of the best balances between transcription speed and error rate. It is moderately quick, but not blindingly fast, in terms of speed, but its low error rate is where it really flourishes.

  1. Temi

Temi is a high-end, fully automated transcription service. Moreover, Temi provides an economical automated voice transcription service. 

It can transcribe voice to text in 5 minutes using “advanced speech recognition software” and an uploaded audio or video file. Therefore, the claimed accuracy is 90-95 percent with clear speakers, minimal accents, and minimum background noise, which are nearly perfect recordings. Further, text files can be saved as MS Word or PDF documents.

There are no minimums, memberships, or additional monthly payments, making this a great option for those who need transcription on a more irregular basis.

  1. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is the fourth option. A low-cost, high-quality transcription service. TranscribeMe continues the trend of balancing transcription speed with a low error rate and cheap pricing.

While it isn’t as quick as Rev at transcribing and has a somewhat greater error rate, it is substantially less expensive.

  1. Transcription panda

So, if money is a major factor in your spending, TranscribeMe may be one of the better solutions without compromising quality.

For non-urgent situations, transcription services are available.

Transcription Panda is comparable to TranscribeMe in that it charges the same amount for a rough draught and has a comparable error rate, but it has a significantly faster transcription pace in our tests.

  1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a startup that aims to provide corporate customers with the accuracy they require at a reasonable price.

One of the biggest benefits of using GoTranscript is that it can manage more complicated projects, such as technical, scientific, or other STEM academic assignments, where word accuracy can suffer if the voice to text transcription service isn’t already geared up to handle them.