SDHC Cards – An Overview

SDHC Cards – An Overview

There are many different kinds of memory cards available today, but one of the most popular types today are SD Cards. You can store photos, videos, and even other types of files on these memory cards in a way that is cheap, safe, and easy.


Standard capacity SD cards range in size up to 4 GB, and the extended capacity cards range in size from 32 GB to 2 TB. These large sizes are perfect for large storage needs, like videos taken with a digital camera. Not all digital cameras accept extended capacity (SDXC) cards; however, so be sure to buy the right type for your specific model.


Since 32GB SDHC cards are built off of the MultiMediaCard (MMC) type, there are some similarities and differences. The main feature that stands out is the protective design of the card that inhibits it from being inserted in upside-down into a camera or card reader.


There are several class ratings of speed established for SD cards to give you an idea of how fast each type is. Although speed ratings are not verified by independent sources, the classes are generally accepted as good indicators of performance. The classes are as follows:

Class 2 performing at 2 MB/s
Class 4 performing at 4 MB/s
Class 6 performing at 6 MB/s
Class 10 performing at 10 MB/s


Some SD cards allow you to connect to the internet so you can send photos and data wirelessly. These cards developed by Eye-Fi, Inc. require a Wi-Fi connection like 802.11g, 802.11b or other wireless internet networks. It is a handy feature for people who want to share the data stored on their card.

Another great enhancement to SD cards has been storage indicator displays. When you are unsure of how much free space you have left on a card, you do not need to plug these special cards into your computer to find out – just look at the display to see what is available.

Since SD cards are some of the cheapest memory cards in price, you can find the size you need even if you do not want to spend a lot of money. Larger cards are available at a higher price, but the typical consumer will be more than satisfied with a modest-sized memory card.