A Cleanroom Installation that Protects Patients from Contamination

A Cleanroom Installation that Protects Patients from Contamination

Mermed is dedicated to the safety of patients using the latest innovations and technologies. It is crucial to ensure that the environment used for surgery is free of tiny particles that can lead to complications for post-operative patients. This is why Mermed’s personnel are involved in making sure that the safety of all Mermed products are free of contamination and safe to use in surgery as well as other health-related applications.

Mermed’s cleanroom is an integral component of our operation. The control of the environment lets us produce
cssd products that can be 100% safe. Since Mermed’s move into surgical labels, the team has completed all packaging within an unclean room of four meters by three meters. This may seem like a good size however when you add thermoforming machines, work benches and personnel, the space gets quite uncomfortable. Due to the growth and success that Mermed has witnessed, we’ve made the decision to increase the size of the cleanroom to meet the demands of customers.

Cleanroom Technology

Cleanrooms are environments which is used to manufacture drugs, research, and aerospace applications of semiconductor engineering. Cleanrooms have a strict amount of contamination defined by the amount of particles that are contained in each cubic millimeter. For perspective, the outdoor air in the typical urban environment has 35,000,000 particle per cubic centimeter within the range of 0.5 microns. This is the equivalent of the size of an ISO 9 cleanroom, while an ISO 7 cleanroom (like the one in Mermed) can accommodate 352,000 particles to be found in the same size range.

Cleanroom Installation that Protects Patients from Contamination

The clean room we have is a laminar flow room. The air is drawn through the roof’s filters and then moved down into the cleanroom. The continuous flow of air is able to push contaminate particles downwards and out of the cleanroom through the vents that are close to the floor. Mermed’s Cleanroom is classified in accordance with ISO 7. Laboratory checks are conducted every 12 months to make sure that these assertions are substantiated scientifically and consistent.

To ensure that the room maintained it’s ISO 7 rating two more HEPA filters were added, giving the room a total of three. The filters are located on the ceiling of the clean room , and fans move air through them to ensure that particles are eliminated prior to entering into the room. The fans help maintain pressure in the room that will force any particles within the room out through the floor vents.

On the opposite side of the entryway towards this room is the clean room is the anti-room. This room serves as an airlock, which helps maintain the pressure of air and to limit the amount of air that comes from other sources that what is filtered through to the HEPA filters.

In addition to doubling the size of the room and doubling the size of the room, we’ve added a pass-through hutch that acts as a mini air lock. Staff often transport packed stock out and in of the room. The pass-through hutch allows the staff to do so without having to go through the process of changing clothes which is required upon entry into the cleanroom.

The expansion of the cleanroom has enabled us to hire more employees so that we are able to handle orders swiftly. In addition, the room will allow us to house some new equipment, which we’ll be revealing at a later date.