Which Red Meat is Supreme: Beef vs Bison Meat?

Which Red Meat is Supreme: Beef vs Bison Meat?

The beef name is maligned more often due to its high levels of saturated fats. However, beef is not all bad as new research puts fats in a positive light.

There is no denying eating beef may lead to a high risk of heart disease. It may put back many gym freaks and health enthusiasts from eating that tasty steak.

What if I told you can enjoy that taste of red meat without consuming beef? It is time to tell you about a healthier alternative to beef, which is wild bison meat. Here is a proper comparison based on different factors to support our claim of bison being a healthier choice over buffalo or cow meat.

Bison VS Beef: Safe to eat

When it comes to meat quality, you need to understand that the cattle like buffalos and cows are administered and dosed heavily with antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals. On the other, wild bison meat are never administered and rarely injected with hormones or chemicals.

Therefore, bison meat is safe to consumers and ranks supreme when considering the safe to eat factor.

Environmental Impact

Cattle farming for beef is known for its environmental exploits. The production of beef from farming to processing of meat leads to high carbon emissions. Moreover, it depletes the healthy grassland, which can be used for growing crops.

On the other hand, the consumption of wild bison is environmentally friendly. The wild bison have low carbon emissions. Moreover, these wild bison are responsible for preserving grasslands rather than destroying the farming land.

Nutritional Value

  • Bison- The nutritional content of the Single serving of Bison Meat (4 oz. serving) are as follows:
    • Calories- 130 calories
    • Protein- 25g
    • Fat-3g
    • Carbohydrate- 0g
  • Beef- The beef nutritional content are as follows:
    • Calories-140 calories
    • Protein- 25g
    • Fat- 4g
    • Carbohydrate- 0g

The bison meat ranks supreme as the same size serving contains less fat and calories. So, it is suitable for people who are conscious about their nutrition.

Treatment of animals

The meat quality correlates to their healthy living condition, how well the animals are treated and nurtured during their raising process. Besides, it is good to know the food on your plate is nurtured in a healthy environment.

In the case of beef, cows and buffalo are raised in feedlots. The cattle like cows and buffalo are treated poorly on the farm and live in an unhealthy and stressful environment. The wild bison graze freely under their natural habitat, which is a much healthier healthy environment.


The cost of bison vs beef is cheaper. You need to pay $6-$7 for a pound for most cuts. When you add other factors such as nutritional value and meat quality, you can say it makes bison meat a much better deal.


Wild bison meat is a healthier alternative to beef. Moreover, it creates less pollution. Therefore, it is better for people who love eating meat and are cautious about their fat consumption and carbon footprints.

Besides, the taste of bison meat is leaner and dry, which many people love. Therefore, the wild bison meat ranks supreme in our comparison.