Top 6 Uses of Handheld Steamer in Household

Top 6 Uses of Handheld Steamer in Household

You might remember the debut of the handheld steamer’s commercial, advertising the benefit of its use for just about everything back in 2007: Ahem, “cleaning the toilet, the range and so much more.” Since then, the handheld steamer has made a quiet entrance into American households around the country.

Portable handheld steam cleaner are a multi functional tool for cleaning the home. They not only help to wash and clean surfaces but also remove textiles and remove those pesky odors and stains quickly and easily.

Handheld Steamer in Household

Here are the 6 ways that a steamer could come in handy in your household.

Ceiling Fan

The dirt and debris covering the surface of the blades look very unattractive. It’s not just unhygienic but the dir could become the reason for several ailments. Cleaning it with a damp cloth or a brush might not give desired results.

You can use the handheld steam cleaner off the dirt from the fan. It’s best if the steamer comes with a longhand attachment.

BBQ Grills

BBQ night is a great way to enjoy yourself with your family or friends. But sadly cleaning up the BBQ is a harrowing task. The stubborn food and grease stain are almost impossible to clean. However, you can clean the BBQ using the steamer in a few minutes with minimum effort. As well as surprising ways to use a steam cleaner in your kitchen.

Patio Furniture

On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than chilling on your balcony on patio furniture. But it can catch up with all the dirt and debris. Maintaining the patio furniture is tough and it takes plenty of effort to keep it clean.

With the help of the steamer, you can now easily clean the furniture without any hassle. 

clean the furniture


With all the cooking, the kitchen gets dirty all the time. Cleaning the walls and counter tops can take hours. Using a damp cloth to clean the surface is not a good idea as it does not affect the greasy oil.

Using a handled steamer is the best option to get the best results.

Pet Cages and Crates

If you have a pet at home then cleaning their home is also crucial. The cage or a crate gets easily dirty as it’s not cleaned on the regular basis. It can affect the health of your pet. A handled steam cleaner can help you to clean the surface of a cage or crate.


The grout area is the home of endless bacteria and germs. It gets easily dirty and the efforts to clean it can make you all tired. But with a handled steamer, you can easily clean the tiles and grout area.